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Van Halen's: Alunos do Pasadena City College, CA

Pasadena City College

Founded 1924 as Pasadena Junior College.

Pasadena, CA

Founding Date:


Official Website:

Michael Anthony, former bassist and a founding member of Van Halen
Stan Atkinson, television news reporter and anchor
Nicholas Brendon, actor (Xander on Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
Tim Brewster, Head Coach, Minnesota Golden Gophers football team
Helen Brown, Filipino community activist
Octavia E. Butler, science fiction writer
Kim Carnes, singer, known for her 1981 hit song Bette Davis Eyes
Tommy Cole, award-winning American make-up artist, Mouseketeer, and former actor and singer
Dennis Cooper, poet and novelist
Michael Cooper, former Los Angeles Lakers basketball player, Coach of LA Sparks of the WNBA
Clive Cussler, novelist 
Michael Dorn, actor, best known as Worf on Star Trek (PCC connection referenced on South Park episode
Jeff Duran, comedian, radio personality, television personality and actor
Jaime Escalante, former Garfield High School (Los Angeles) teacher, work dramatized in Stand and Deliver.
Darrell Evans, major league baseball player
Judi Evans, actor
Paul Fussell, literary scholar and social critic, National Book Award winner
Michelle Hamilton, Playboy playmate
Armie Hammer, actor from The Social Network
Jerome Harrison, NFL running back
William Holden, Academy Award–winning actor
Michael Holton, former college basketball player
William Hung, American Singer, American Idol Participant
Pierre Koenig, Architect of the iconic Case Study Home No.22 in the Hollywood Hills
Joyce Kennard, California Supreme Court
Kenny Loggins, singer and songwriter
Danella Lucioni, fashion and runway model and actress
Bob Mackie, fashion designer
Elizabeth McGrath, artist
Bruce Merrifield, Nobel Prize winner in Chemistry, 1984
Anthony Miller, former NFL wide receiver
Carol Merrill, Let's Make a Deal model
Nate Montana, son of Joe Montana
Yura Movsisyan, major league soccer player
Dennis Muren, film special effects artist
Nick Nolte, Academy Award nominated actor
Kemper Nomland, architect
Jack Parsons, rocket scientist, JPL co-founder, and occultist
Fred Phelps, the pastor and leader of the Westboro Baptist Church. (later attended John Muir College; history of his attendance is very much ignored)
George Reeves, who portrayed Superman in the 1950's TV series Adventures of Superman
William Reynolds, actor
Stan Ridgway, singer, songwriter, composer
Jackie Robinson, first modern African American in major league baseball, member of the MLB Hall of Fame
Mack Robinson, Jackie's brother, silver medalist sprinter at the 1936 Olympics as a student from PJC
David Lee Roth, vocalist of Van Halen
Betye Saar, artist
Herman Alfred Schmid, U.S. Air Force Brigadier General
Larry Shinoda, famed automobile designer
John Singleton, film director, well-known for his film Boyz n the Hood
Sirhan Sirhan, Robert F. Kennedy's assassin
Jerry Tarkanian, famed former college basketball coach
DeWayne Walker, college football coach
Kirby Wilson, NFL football coach
Verne Winchell, founder of Winchell's Donuts and former chairman of Denny's Restaurants
Alex Van Halen, drummer of Van Halen
Eddie Van Halen, lead guitar of Van Halen
Matt Young, major league baseball player

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